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Car Covers as the perfect protection for all your motor vehicles

Premium car covers for sports cars, classic and antique cars with an individual fitting can be ordered online in our shop or purchased at our location in Hagen.

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Red AD-Cover® Stretch for Opel Ascona B A400

Red AD-Cover® Stretch for Opel Ascona B A400

Red AD-Cover® Stretch for Opel Ascona B A400

119,90 € *
Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for...

Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for Porsche 993

Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for Porsche 993

139,90 € *
Red AD-Cover Mikrokontur®  with mirror pockets for BMW M2...

Red AD-Cover Mikrokontur® with mirror pockets for BMW M2...

Red AD-Cover Mikrokontur® with mirror pockets for BMW M2 Competition

129,90 € *
Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for...

Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for Chevrolet...

Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for Chevrolet Corvette C8

129,90 € *
Hardtop Stand

Hardtop Stand

Stable Hardtop stand

74,90 € *
Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for...

Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for Lamborghini...

Red AD-Cover ® Mikrokontur with mirror pockets for Lamborghini Diabolo

119,90 € *
Wheel bag with zipper 71cm.x30cm

Wheel bag with zipper 71cm.x30cm

Wheel bag with zipper 71cm.x30cm

19,90 € *
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indoor and outdoor covers for your car

Why do I need a car cover, you might ask yourself? It’s simple: A car cover is first and foremost a barrier to protect your car from all sorts of grime and debris as well as possible environmental influences such as ice and snow. That way your prized possession will keep its worth for a much longer while and still look good as new for years to come.

There are a number of different car covers which all consider different needs and the purpose of your type of vehicle. Customers who wish to protect their expensive sports cars and classics might be in need of a different protective cover than customers who need to shield their car from impacts of the weather. Consequently, the basic distinction is between indoor and outdoor covers.

Covers in Garages and Carports

If you are frequently parking your car in a garage or any other covered car park, we also offer amongst others our robust Movendi satin car covers made out of 100% soft and high-quality Polyester which is breathable and protects optimally from grime, dust and scratches on the surface.  

Another lightweight and premium car cover is our “Mikrokontur” option full of aesthetic value. It is very form-fitting and still shows the beautiful shape of your car. 

If your car is constantly exposed to the environmental conditions outside, we highly recommend our waterproof “universal lightweight” car cover made out of four-layer polypropylene, which makes it air-permeable but still completely waterproof. The incorporated robust neoprene layer even protects your car from medium to strong hailstorms. To make sure the car cover sits perfectly, we have sewn in elastics to cling to your cars surface.

Seasonal car covers – for spring, summer, fall and winter

All our indoor and outdoor covers are again distinguished by their individual purpose. We offer car covers which are especially suitable for summer which resist intense sun exposure and high temperatures. Additionally, there are also very sturdy car covers to withstand the winter weather or light covers to keep your car frost-free. Some of our outdoor car covers are especially breathable or entail ventilation flaps which ensure an air flow. And our special hail protection covers can even prevent serious damage and thus preserve your vehicle’s value.

Finding the right quality material for your car cover

Should you choose a more low-priced car cover or invest in the more expensive but better-quality option? The difference is often invisible to the untrained eye of the customer. Cheaper car covers are usually produced with simpler materials and are sold in standard size at discounters. The more high-quality covers are available at your car dealership or specialized retailers such as ourselves.

Premium car covers offer individual and optimal protection

To produce out car covers we only use materials which actually meet the demands of the individual purposes and functions of your vehicle. Poorly designed car covers can even be counterproductive to your car’s protection as they might foster the development of condense water under its surface which leads to a rapid corrosion of the vehicle. Non-breathable fabrics without openings for ventilation have an equally destructive effect.

Our premium car covers, however, successfully transfer the moisture in the fabric outward and as a bonus offer several aesthetic advantages in comparison to our competitors.  Our outdoor car covers are made out of robust and double-stitched Polyester (85%) and cotton flannel (15%) which create a soft and protective surface for your car’s coating.

All our indoor car covers are inherently made of breathable fabric and release moisture quickly, our full cover satin garages even meet the fire safety regulations in accordance with FMSS 302 and DIN 75200. The car covers are fitted to the different car types and models and in some cases even provide a pocket for the side-view mirrors. Therefore, your car cover is perfectly tailored to your vehicle and gives optimal safety and protection. Of course, our competitors offer different kinds of quality and materials as well, which may however not seem distinguishable online. If you are unsure before purchasing, we recommend to ask for samples of the materials to be sent to you. That way your can compare the different materials directly, define the differences in quality for yourself and find the best choice for you and your car. Naturally, you also can contact our friendly customer service anytime, who are happy to help you in any way regarding all of your questions and will assist you in finding the best suitable product.

our car covers for any motor vehicle

The numerous positive reviews of our Movendi car covers speak for themselves and confirm our premium quality.

Please also watch our videos which explain the differences in our car cover materials and help you find the ideal one for your needs.

Simple ordering: You can find the car cover you need in our car model selection, where we have compiled nearly every car type and the fitting car cover. Should you nevertheless not find what you are looking for, you should take a look at our menu item car covers by size and select the one that matches your vehicle. 

Additionally, we offer covers for camper vans/ trailers, horse trailers, motorbikes and further supplies.

Our happy customers confirm: Investing in premium car covers from experts is worth it and your enjoyment of it lasts much longer than the cheap discounter options.

material properties

Car cover material properties

To make the choice of a suitable car cover easier for you, we provided an overview of our offered car covers and their respective properties. Here you can easily get informed and find out which car cover is the right one for you and your vehicle.  Order today and buy your high-quality car cover for an amazingly fair price. We only offer the best quality products and have 10.000 satisfied customers to prove it!

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